Our story


Our Story

Amit Barikeri, Founder of Kalpavruksha, spent his early career as an Industrial engineer in the US. But after a few years, he wanted to explore other opportunities back in India. After his return to India, he gradually discovered his passion for photography. With a camera in hand and an inquisitive mind, he began practicing his photography skills by clicking pictures of people, nature, animals, plants, flowers, and all the other wonderful sights of nature that he was surrounded by. The amount of time he spent in nature inspired him to study and research sustainable agricultural practices, and take up a short-term course in Permaculture Design. During the course, he was introduced to Moringa, a tree that can sustain drought. His curiosity then led him to research more on Moringa.

Surprisingly. Amit also realized that there was an old Moringa tree in his backyard! Amazed at the countless benefits of Moringa, Amit decided to return home and spread the findings from his research about Moringa with everyone in his family. When he reached home, and before he could exchange this exciting new information, he was appalled to hear that the tree had been taken down. It came to light that many such Moringa trees in his town were chopped off for other purposes, and people were unaware of the many benefits that a standing Moringa tree provides. Amit then decided to embark on a journey to spread awareness about Moringa by selling Moringa-based products.

But shortly afterward, the pandemic hit the world, a lockdown was imposed, and every one was compelled to stay locked up indoors. However, Amit used this time to explore, reinvent, and let his creativity flow, developing a deeper interest in both photography and nature. He also used this time to gather recondite information about Moringa.

Later, he began making small packets of Moringa powder to put the claims surrounding Moringa to test. He later distributed these packets among family and friends. A month later, he heard back from his mother and grandmother, who told him that the Moringa powder had brought down their blood sugar to normal levels. They also felt much more energetic during the day. His friend Rajshekar, Co-Founder of Kalpavruksha, also introduced his mother to Moringa. After seeing the results, he came back to Amit with the news that the Moringa powder had also improved his mother’s Arthritis condition and reduced her joint pain. Amazed with the results, they hopped onto the entrepreneurial boat to share the goodness of Moringa with everyone. Then there was no looking back then, as they got together, brainstormed the idea, and Kalpavruksha took off with its first product, organic Moringa powder.

What you will find in our products?

We at Kalpavruksha strive for simplicity and complete transparency. When you purchase from us, we assure you that our pure, natural, and organic products will take a permanent place on your kitchen shelves. Moringa is our star product because the magical plant can lower problems arising from nutritional deficiencies and other health conditions. Our procurement and processing is very hygienic and encourages a low carbon footprint. We produce our organic products using traditional farming methods coupled with technological advances, simultaneously also supporting the rural backdrop of India.

Our products range from Moringa powder to Moringa tea, Moringa honey, and more. We assure you that when you infuse your meals with our products, you are not just embarking on a journey of good health, but also making a contribution towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable world.


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